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Who & What Is Dental Ops

We are leading the way in implementing fully-supported back-office services for dental practices and professionals. We know the business inside and out.

Performance At Our CORE



Here for you at every moment. We are an extension of your team, not a remote call-center. 



Custom built for you. Our boutique approach means you get precisely what you need right from day one.


Rise to every occasion,  We are helping clients realize potential by helping face challenges head on.



Deliver real results. That is the promise we make to ourselves and our clients every day. 

Why Choose Us

Together, our co-founders have been providing dental support since 2008.

We understand how difficult it is for dentists to treat their patients and expand their business in today’s environment.

Changes in Insurance guidelines, HIPAA and OSHA mandates, employee, and HR protocols, not to mention Infection control, are just a few of the ongoing challenges you face.

Dental staff can also be overwhelmed with the mere daily duties of an office. Your valuable chairside time with patients should not be compromised by back-office issues. 

That’s where Dental Ops steps-in to lessen the burden. We take many of the non-clinical items off your plate so you can focus on patient care. 

Who Are We

We are your back office.

We spent years of experiencing first-hand the struggle to stay focused on patient care while the back-office duties continued to pile up. 

Instead of waiting for a better solution, we decided to make one. 

We focus on lifting up our clients with world-class support and unparalleled professionalism.  

Who We Are Not

We are not a PEO.

We are not a co-employer of any of your staff

We are not an owner of any portion of your practice

We do not make a percentage of your account receivables


What We Believe

We believe in your ability to care for your Patients and grow your Practice on your terms.

A leader is not afraid not to know, to appear vulnerable, to ask questions, to ask for help, to take risks.

Leaders like people, include trust, communicate with truth, sincerity and transparency, align expectations, delegate and charge for deliveries.

Be a Leader

 – Paulo Freire

Leading The Way

We’d like to think you would choose us because we’re just so darn cool. But truth be told, there are a lot of reasons why Dental Ops is a leading choice for back-office solutions.

Everything you need for your back-office in one place. Affordable packages and flexible pricing make building your perfect back-office hub a cinch. Plus, we have decades of dental experience to boot. 

We have assembled some of the foremost minds in the field. From dental risk management to compliance and insurances – our team specializes in back office support. 

Built with Dentists in mind. Dental Ops and its partners have a deep understanding of the challenges of dental practices. Having insight into the ins-and-outs of the business as well as a pulse on the latest regulations and standards allows Dental Ops and its clients to stay ahead of the competition. 

Our customer service is second-to-none. With a dedicated specialist you’re guaranteed the support you deserve. No long on-holds or process delays. Just fast, dependable service. 

With decades of experience in dental risk management and corporate compliance, Dental Ops is a partner you can trust to keep you safe. 

In the end, it comes down to relationships. Dental Ops is not an outsourced call center. We are a boutique agency specializing in Dental Backoffice Solutions. Our customers know us by name, and we like it that way. 

Dental Ops is a proud to be a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

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